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T75 CRYO tanks for global supply chains
2021-04-20 10:10

ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing CRYO tanks for local and global supply chain solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic creates special demands on global supply chains. Especially remote areas with a weak infrastructure are hard to reach.

The pandemic has greatly increased the demand for oxygen in these regions, supply chains can no longer handle this need. One of the main reasons is the shortage of equipment to ensure the supply to the hospitals.

ALBATROSS Tank Leasing is constantly expanding its fleet. During the pandemic, the focus was on the CRYO fleet to provide our customers the needed equipment to support them during those supply bottlenecks. Our T75 20ft tanks are approved for the transport of the most common CRYO gases. The 20ft iso dimension allows simplified handling on any mode of transport.

In addition to leasing, we can offer a customer-specific service in the area of fleet management. Managing, planning, controlling, or monitoring, we can advise our clients in all parts and offer a full package solution. 

Our colleagues in Russia, India and Germany are looking forward to answering your questions!

Mail: / Mobil: +91 8460619545
Anna Ivanova (Russia):
Mail: / Mobil: +7 (926) 418-12-81
Frederik Niermann (Germany):
Mail: / Mobil: +49 17664032345

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The tank container leasing activities of Gentco Logistics, already managing a fleet of more than 20,000 tank containers in global service, are consolidated under the name of ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing. With a new strategy and innovative service structure, a new concept is offered, which adapted to individual demand, exceeding the ordinary leasing and rental operations by far.

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