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2018-04-04 10:11

ALBATROSS Sky - more value than just tank container leasing

Albatross Tank-Leasing wants to provide you with more value than just tank container leasing.

With Albatross Sky now fully functional, you can have access to highly productive fleet management data. Our GPS-enabled connectivity platform allows you to be in total control of your leased fleet.

Our aim is not just to let you know where the unit is, but to refine the data in the most efficient way and support your business with the exact information it need.

With Albatross Sky, you will always know your fleet’s geographical location, duration of each transit leg, temperature of the product, and ambient temperature.

With our Alarm & Report system, you will have real-time disposition of your fleet. Is a unit static longer than scheduled? Cargo temperature dropping? You can be immediately notified by our Alarm & Report system.

With basic initial data input, Route Analysis can perform a sophisticated study of your fleet’s movements and provide you with a logistical summary tailored to your needs.

Route Analysis

For example, your tank’s one-way move, round-trip or even more complex journeys can be thoroughly analyzed. With our Route Analysis tool, Albatross can help your operation become more efficient and productive.

Albatross can help you make your fleet management easier, less time consuming and more efficient.

Just let us know your needs and we will be happy to offer you a solution with our fundamental data analysis approach through Albatross Sky.

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The tank container leasing activities of Gentco Logistics, already managing a fleet of more than 20,000 tank containers in global service, are consolidated under the name of ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing. With a new strategy and innovative service structure, a new concept is offered, which adapted to individual demand, exceeding the ordinary leasing and rental operations by far.

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