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ALBATROSS Strategic Move

ALBATROSS » Strategic Move

ALBATROSS Strategic Move is the ultimate fleet management system for Tank Containers being employed in dedicated round trip operation in the local, European or global trade. All relevant technical information of the containers are being populated in the management system and are accessible 24/7 for producers, transport and shipping companies as well as the receiver of the cargo. Based on the planned transportation dates, a detailed comparison with the actual performance will not only provide an accurate estimated arrival time at the receiver, but also a realistic forecast for the availability dates of units for reloading. This is going to eliminate the time consuming investigation about the current location with costs and effort associated to the process. The technical maintenance & repair module of the system allows the supervision, authorization and control of in-service and testing costs based on the agreed parameters. All data of the various transport and service providers is being consolidated according to the requirements of the users. In combination with the ALBATROSS GROUND CONTROL and the ALBATROSS SKY application any kind of information can be provided in the customer required configuration in real time.


The tank container leasing activities of Gentco Logistics, already managing a fleet of more than 20,000 tank containers in global service, are consolidated under the name of ALBATROSS Tank-Leasing. With a new strategy and innovative service structure, a new concept is offered, which adapted to individual demand, exceeding the ordinary leasing and rental operations by far.

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